Patrick Shaughnessy

Full Stack Javascript Developer

Coding at scale

Focused on performant, maintainable code and scalable architecture.

Patrick Shaughnessy

Software Developer at PayPal.


Hi there! I'm Patrick. I like coding.

I currently work for PayPal on the Globalization team. It's really exciting working with a diverse team to make PayPal services and products accessible to everyone in the world.

I've followed a pretty non-traditional path to my current role. Been an English teacher, a project manager, a technician doing groundwater monitoring field work. None of those really seemed to fit. When I tried coding, I knew I'd finally found a career.

I attended Coding House in 2015 and was hired following graduation to:

  • Build out Coding House's web platform and tools
  • Sherpa for students in the second 7 weeks of the program
  • Instruct on advanced CS topics and workshops

Check out some of my work below or drop me a line!


Here are some of the projects I've worked on

Get It, Got It

Redefining the interactive classroom. A tool for teachers to monitor their classroom, and for students to get the help they need in real time.

Capstone project at Coding House. Designed with Angular, Firebase, and D3.

Realtime Data Visualization
1 on 1 Chat Integration
Desktop, Mobile App and Chrome Extension

Check It Out View On Github

Pokéapi GraphQL Interface

A GraphQL, relay-compatible interface for the RESTful Pokéapi.

Completed as a side project to learn more about GraphQL and the GraphiQL GUI from Facebook. Also, I like Pokémon.

GraphQL and Relay
Facebook source code (shh!)
Can finally catch em all

Check It Out View On Github


A zombie apocalypse survival game. How long can you survive??

Built with and custom AI logic.

Zombies chase you
90's theme song
Fog of War

Check It Out View On Github


I try to write about things I've learned and useful tips. Check out my blog here.

Patrick Shaughnessy